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The 7 Shot Screamers is a punkabilly/glam rock band that resides in St. Louis.

Their music is a mix of classic Chuck Berry-inspired rock and roll, 1970s glam rock, punk rock, and psychobilly. They have released three albums: I Was A Teenage 7 Shot Screamer (2001), Keep The Flame Alive (2004), and 7 Shot Screamers In Wonderland (2006).

The band includes Mike Leahy on lead vocals, Kevin O'Connor on drums, Deano Sabella on lead guitar (who replaced Sarkes Roubanian in 2003), and Chris Powers, Jr. on upright bass. The name "7 Shot Screamers" is derived from the European phrase "four shot screamer," which refers to a light-weight drinker. The name fits the band's love of alcohol.[1]


7 Shot Screamers started as a rockabilly cover band while its members were in high school.[2] Their first exposure to a wide audience came with Al Swacker's The Greaser's Lunchbox show on KDHX (88.1 FM). Swacker's praise of the band caught the attention of local venues.

In 1998, 7 Shot Screamers' self-released a 7" single, which sold over 1,500 copies. In 1999, they released their first album, the I Was A Teenage 7 Shot Screamer LP. The album featured music that leaned towards the rockabilly genre. It sold over 2,000 copies on the 7 Shot Records vanity label before being picked up by Hepcat Records.

In 2004, 7 Shot Screamers released their second album, Keep The Flame Alive, produced by Levi Dexter of The Rockats and mixed by Paul Roman of The Quakes. It was released on the Chicago-based Haunted Town Records label. It featured many songs that took on a darker tone than I Was A Teenage 7 Shot Screamer, and leaned more towards the rock'n'roll genre. The sound of the album is more polished then their previous album, albeit with a slightly emptier tone.

In 2006, 7 Shot Screamers left the Haunted Town Records label to join the St. Louis-based Big Muddy Records, which is owned and operated by Johnny O & the Jerks drummer Chris Baricevic. Between tours, 7 Shot Screamers recorded and released a third album, 7 Shot Screamers In Wonderland. This album features a diverse range of songwriting styles along with a new array of musical instruments, including brass instruments, string instruments, flute, acoustic guitar, and piano. It has the cleanest sound out of all three 7 Shot Screamers albums.

After releasing three studio albums and going on two national tours (with another planned for winter 2007), the 7 Shot Screamers continue to reside in their hometown of St. Louis. As Sabella explains, "There's a great scene here, and there is no reason to go anywhere else." [3]

7 Shot Screamers are regular performers at the The Rockabilly Rebel weekend in Indianapolis, IN, and at the Heavy Rebel Weekend in Winston-Salem, NC. They have opened for several well-known acts, including The Quakes, X, Rancid, The Turbo A.C.'s, and Henry Rollins. Quirky covers are a staple of 7 Shot Screamers' concerts.

7 Shot Screamers (minus Leahy) have been known to play under the name "The Original Sinners" with vocalist Exene Cervenka, formerly of the Los Angeles punk rock band X, along with her husband, guitarist Jason Edge. They are the seventh and most long-lived incarnation of the Original Sinners.


Bob Putnam, co-owner of The Way Out Club in St. Louis, commented on their first performance at the venue, "I was blown away by the fact that they were so young and so talented." [4]

Exene Cervenka has said: "They are one of the best bands out there, out of the Midwest — you could say out of the country. Before the end of the year, one of my goals is to make sure that they get signed to a good label."[5]

Morrissey described 7 Shot Screamers as a "rockabilly New York Dolls."[6] GaragePunk.com has suggested that perhaps the 7 Shot Screamers should be categorized as "nu-wave-abilly."[7]


Studio Albums

  • I Was A Teenage 7 Shot Screamer (7 Shot Records; June 12, 2001)
  • Keep The Flame Alive (Haunted Town Records; September 7, 2004)
  • 7 Shot Screamers In Wonderland (Big Muddy Records; August 18, 2006)


  • Friday Night Rumble, Vol.6 (Run Wild Records)
  • Rocked and Loaded, Vol. 2 (Rock-n-Roll Purgatory Records)

As The Original Sinners

  • Sev7en (Nitro Records, March 7, 2006)


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