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Apop Records is an independently owned and operated record store located at 2831 Cherokee Street in South St. Louis city. The store also hosts several live music events throughout the year, either in their basement or on the main floor of the store itself. The store creates and sells Apoptronics, which are "synthesizers, theremins, noisemakers, sonic nauseators, and other modified/bent electronics." The store is located in the Gravois Park neighborhood.

Mission Statement

Directly from the store's website:
"Apop Records" is an independently owned and operated record store whose purpose is to make available those recordings that are often over-looked by both the chain stores, and other independent shops. We do not limit what we carry to a specific genre, nor are we concerned with the latest fad, trend, or the fickle taste of the fashion music "underground". In addition to stocking cds and vinyl, one can also find a variety of literature, publications, tracts, and videos. We at pop do not believe in the censoring of unpopular information and strive to make available products that express a multitude of ideas, beliefs and platforms. We cater neither to the left nor the right; for that matter apop has no political ties, whatsoever. We strive to make available information that one does not readily come by; this does not mean that we necessarily endorse the multitudes of ideas that are expressed through the books, videos, and music at apop. We are always searching for both new and old music, books, & film to distribute, if you think we are missing something let us know. Nothing will be considered taboo."

Contact Information

2831 Cherokee St.
St. Louis MO 63118
Phone: 314-664-6575


<googlemap lat="38.594803" lon="-90.231292" zoom="16" width="700" controls="large"> 38.594011, -90.231282, 2831 Cherokee St St Louis, MO </googlemap>

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