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The artistic community in St. Louis is vibrant. Some communities where it is particularly active include Tower Grove South, University City, Soulard, and the Central West End.

Performing Arts

(e.g. comedy, dance, music, opera, film, and theatre.)
Local and National Musicians, Comedy Clubs, Dancing, Slam Poetry, Opera, Live Theater, and Movies. All of these performing arts, and more, are available in St. Louis.

Language Arts

(e.g. novels, poetry, drama, song.)
For those interested in the Language Arts, St. Louis has many Book Discussion Groups, Writer's Groups, Poetry Open Mics, and Songwriter Circles. Many of these are hosted at area bookstores, or cafes.

St. Louis is also the hometown of many published authors, and songwriters.

Visual Arts

(e.g. painting, sculpture, and photography.)
St. Louis is host to dozens of museums, with all kinds of subjects ranging from bowling to contemporary religious artwork.