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The Belleville Music Scene (usually just called the Belleville Scene) is a offshoot of the St. Louis Scene, obviously revolving around the city of Belleville, IL, and various towns and cities in the surrounding area (O'Fallon, Fairview Heights, Millstadt, Freeburg, Swansea... etc.. etc...). The current music styles centered around the area are usually strongly in the vein of punk and indie.

DIY & Camelhead

In DIY manner, the Belleville scene often consists of various hall shows. To current veterans of the scene, most recall The Havenots, and Death By Short Bus setting up and playing all ages, well-attended shows at local VFWs and Lodges. This gave boom to several indie/punk bands which became the first wave of bands dubbed the "Camelhead Scene", in honor of local recording studio, Camelhead Studios. Forerunners included willow, Horshack, Iconoklasts, Tea-Bags, Hidden Agenda, and multiple other bands.


Currently, in the same manner of St. Louis, the Belleville scene is somewhat divided. The "bandwagon" scene consists of various bands such as Tonight at Seven, whom intentionally or unintentionally sparked "emo/screamo" scene around 2005. Guitarist Mark Knapp began his dubbed "Sceneless Scene" in 2006, playing mainly 18, 19, and 21+ shows, usually hosting indie/alternative and rock for a more mature crowd. Dingle Records and Caffiene Tambourine, two DIY labels formed by The Stiff Kittens and Patrick Cadaver, and both ran by several local music promoters host several shows in various areas for all ages shows, which generally attract a large high school crowd. (...unfinished, ill do the rest later.)


In August of 2007, Illegal Tone Recordings opened it's recording studio doors. In September, the venue opened. Now all the different "scenes" play at one common place, sometimes to one common crowd. Illegal Tone Recordings averages 80 people for weekend shows, no matter who plays it seems. Currently, there are shows nearly every weekend, yielding the tightest most loyal crowd. This is DIY at its best - owned and operated by a local musician, booked by everyone. Illegal Tone was recently shut down by the city. The city claims ITR doesn't follow the citys "teen center" ordinance. ITR argues that they are not a teen center. The local show goers have put up a fight and drawn the attention of the press, but ITR still is closed.