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Benton Park West is a neighborhood is St. Louis that is bounded by South Jefferson Avenue on the east, Cherokee Street on the south and Gravois Street on the Northwest.


Benton Park West was already a community by the mid-1880’s in the city of St. Louis. There were carpenters, builders, stone masons, dairymen, gardeners, market owners, grocers, saddle and harness makers, a blacksmith, a midwife, and two saloons to serve the area of about 50 city blocks.

The neighborhood was considered a working-class neighborhood and a German community. While most of the residents were working class, many owned their own businesses. There were also some very prominent residents. Many of the beautiful homes the working class immigrants built remain in their architectural grandeur today.

Benton Park West is comprised of two different neighborhoods in the 1970’s, Compton Hill and Marquette-Cheorkee neighborhoods. Parts of these two 1970’s neighborhoods make up the current day Benton Park West. Marquette-Cherokee was bounded by Arsenal Street on the north, Bates Street on the south and Grand Boulevard on the west. Its eastern edge is the bank of the Mississippi River.

Cinco De Mayo

Cherokee Business District, along with Benton Park West and Gravois Park neighborhoods, hosted the 2007 Cinco De Mayo celebration on May 5th.

The 2007 festival featured the Rhythm Masters and Boogie Chyld on the main stage, authentic food and drinks from many of the purveyors of fine Mexican cuisine that call Cherokee Street home, arts and crafts, corporate exhibitors, street entertainment, and parking shuttles.

The festivities occur on Cherokee Street between Oregon and Iowa. This location is inside the Cherokee Business District which includes over 50 independently owned and operated businesses over seven blocks on Cherokee Street.

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General vicinity of the Benton Park West Neighborhood:

<googlemap lat="38.597118" lon="-90.22758" zoom="15" width="700" controls="large">38.596749, -90.228567, Benton Park West, St. Louis, MO, USA</googlemap>