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Chouteau's Pond was a 100 acre pond and forest area that was a bustling recreation spot for St. Louis residents. After a series of cholera epidemics in the early 1800s, the pond had become so polluted that it was declared a health hazard. Sometime in the 1850s it was drained by the city to prevent the spread of disease. Between 1890 and 1940 various development projects expanded St. Louis westward until the area was gone. This land now home to the Scottrade Center, a section of Highway 40, a Metrolink stop, and various other buildings.

In 2000, development company McCormack Baron explored the possibility of recreating Choteau's Pond as a 15 acre pond and park area as part of a mixed-use development in the area between Broadway on the east to Kiel Center on the west. However, with the city's hopes for a new baseball stadium, and Ballpark Village coming to fruition, plans to recreate the Pond were scrapped.


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