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Cor Jesu Academy is a private, all girl, Catholic college preparatory high school located in St. Louis. Founded by the Apostles of the Sacred Heart, the sisters continue to operate the school but also employ non-religious teachers. The school is currently headed by Sister Kathleen Mary Coonan.


On September 6, 1956, Cor Jesu Academy opened its doors for the first time under the administration of Sr. Anita Marie Giampietro, its founding principal. With the approval of Joseph Cardinal Ritter and the Archdiocesan Superintendent of Schools, and the accreditation of the University of Missouri, Cor Jesu began to expand and build its curriculum to meet the needs of each subsequent school year.

As enrollment continued to increase, a new and larger facility was needed. In 1965 the present campus was opened on the 13-acre tract near Grant's Farm in Southwest St. Louis County. In 1987 construction of an expanded Library-Fine Arts Center was undertaken, resulting in greater research, classroom, computer and resource facilities. In 2003, Cor Jesu added a new entrance to the back campus, expanded the parking lot and renovated the IPC lab. And in August of 2005, Clelian Hall made its debut with six new classrooms, administrative offices, guidance and counseling department offices, a new College and Career Center, and a new front entrance, lobby and courtyard. These additions will enhance learning by creating greater classroom and resource facilities.

In 1994, Cor Jesu was one of the first high schools in the St. Louis area to introduce the eight-block schedule. This innovative method of teaching gives students the opportunity to think critically and creatively, and to interact with their teachers.

Since 1971, Cor Jesu has been accredited by the North Central Association, and through the accreditation process continually re-evaluates and works to improve all aspects of its academic, spiritual, and co-curricular program. In 1990-91, Cor Jesu was named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.

Above all, continued affirmation of the values of the individual with a sharing community has underlined the distinctive quality of Catholic education offered by Cor Jesu Academy.


The foundation of the Cor Jesu curriculum revolves around Bloom's Taxonomy which encourages the students to go beyond the consumption of knowledge to the synthesis of new ideas. Cor Jesu also dedicates itself to educating the whole student to become an "academically qualified" young woman - an aspiration affirmed by the school's mission statement which charges their students to be "empowered intellectually, spiritually, and morally" so to "serve as responsible members of a world community".[1]

Class Structure

Starting in 1994, Cor Jesu Academy became one of the first St. Louis schools to implicate a block schedule. Typically constructed of 8 classes a semester, eighty-five minute class "blocks" are divided into groups of four and rotated every other day (A, B,C, D,E and F days). More specifically, four of the eight classes are scheduled in varying order on A-C-E days. The remaining four are conducted on B-D-F days.

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