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The Fairground Neighborhood is bounded on the east by Grand Avenue, on the west by Fair Street, on the south by Natural Bridge Road, and on the north by Kossuth. It surrounds Fairground Park.


A large majority of the existing neighborhood was previously the old Grand Prairie Commonfield, being composed of a series of narrow east-west strips laid out by the French for agricultural purposes. The remainder of the land consisted of several former land grants designated as surveys. In the early 1850s, the larger surveys were subdivided into smaller tracts. Sections nearest to Fairground Park were developed first in the late 1860s. The area to the west was developed in the 1880s and continued through the turn of the century. The area to the south of O’Fallon Park was developed after 1900.


Fairground Neighborhood is part of Aldermanic Ward 3.


<googlemap lat="38.665944" lon="-90.222173" zoom="14" width="700" controls="large"> 38.666178, -90.222044, Fairground Neighborhood, St. Louis </googlemap>

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