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The Forest Park Boathouse has been a favorite spot for generations of St. Louisans.

The Boathouse is the entrance to Post-Dispatch Lake and the Grand Basin in Forest Park. Both lakes were drained and the entire area has become an extraordinary gathering place for large public events, intimate picnics, casual dining, boating, sledding, strolling and, most of all, enjoying Forest Park.

Located at the north end of Post-Dispatch Lake, the Boathouse is the perfect spot to view the renovation of the park. Gazing out at the lake, visitors can get away from urban life and get the feel of being far out into the country.

The Forest Park Master Plan dictated that the old structure be demolished and a new Boathouse be built to accommodate visitors to the park along with new boats, a restaurant and, most important, a facility that will fit into the environment of the park.

Designed by St. Louis architect Laurent Torno, the new Boathouse is reminiscent of the tradition of boathouse cottages of the Midwest in the early twentieth century. The new facility is designed for year-round use and includes air conditioning and heating, a new stone fireplace for winter use, a fully equipped kitchen, and expanded restrooms.

Boat Rentals

Paddleboats and rowboats can be rented for $15 an hour. The boats seat 4 adults and 1 small child, and Life jackets provided. Boats can be rented Monday-Sunday 10 a.m. to sunset yearround (so long as the lake is not frozen).

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