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Frederick's Music Lounge was a small bar and music venue on Chippewa in south St. Louis city. It was owned and operated by Fred Boettcher, Sr. first as a restaurant, then a bar, then a music venue, from 1980 until his death in May 2000, whereupon the property was willed to his six children, with the arrangement that his eldest son, Fred Boettcher, Jr.,(aka "Fred Friction"), would continue operation of the venue. Fred Jr. and partner, Paul Stark reopened the venue as a live music club that garnered much attention from local, regional, & national press as well as acclaim from touring bands who found an unusually welcoming stop on their national traveling route.

The venue closed in Februrary 2006.


In the early days, Frederick's Restaurant (as it was then called) was a well-known German restaurant with a beer garden.

In 1987, Boettcher, Sr., developed phlebitis and was ordered by his doctor to stay off his feet. He closed the restaurant and turned it into a bar. He brought back live music in 1999 in the form of a very successful weekly Hootenanny open mic night hosted by Bob Camp.

Boettcher, Jr., reopened the bar following his father's death in mid-2000; with St. Louis ska kingpin Paul Stark, Fred's added more music nights to the weekly Thursday Hootenanny, and it became a kind of cult classic venue for patrons and touring acts alike. It finally shut its doors on February 11, 2006, when the original Fred's six children decided to sell and split income from the sale of the property.

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