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If you're wondering how WikiLou works, or need help editing a page or creating a new one, this is the right place to look. You may also want to take a look at the frequently asked questions.

This is still a work in progress. As always, feel free to edit this page to clarify or add new topics.

What is this site?

The simple answer is that this site is a "wiki". You might then ask "What is a wiki?" Well, a wiki is a website that anyone can edit. The idea is that a normal website is controlled by one person, and only their information/stories/thoughts/ideas are put on that website. On a wiki, everyone can contribute their two cents instantly. WikiLou aims to be the collective knowledge of St. Louis.

The beauty of wiki websites like WikiLou is that anyone can contribute content to the site; there is no single editor or editors who choose what goes and doesn't go. Instead, that's done through the process of many people making big and small additions, deletions, or modifications to existing and new pages. That means you, too!

To edit a page, use the Edit tab on the top of the page you want to edit. You should then get a large text box with the current contents of the page. Make your changes (read on for how to write pages) and click Show Preview to see how it would look. If you're happy, click the Save Page button to save your changes. Don't worry about doing something wrong! The WikiWiki system we use keeps track of all the changes, so anything can be easily reverted back.

The Lowlife Guide uses a special syntax for editing pages; even though simple HTML works too, you are highly encouraged to use the much simpler Wiki syntax instead. For details on how that works, click on the "Help" button when you're editing a page, or see the editing help page. Feel free to experiment in the Sandbox until you're comfortable enough. But remember that if something doesn't look right, chances are someone else will come along soon and fix it for you.

We don't have a manual of style or many guidelines yet -- but please take some time to read the copyrights page for guidelines on what you should and should not use when posting. Basically, unless something is in the public domain, under certain copyleft licenses, or you get express permission to use it, you can't put it in The Lowlife Guide.

So...What do I do here?

Anything. Well, anything you can do on a website. You can read about various kinds of information about our community, or contribute your own ideas, stories, opinions, and anything else you might think of. For the original vision of WikiLou, click here.

I want to edit. Show me how!

Once you get to the editing stage, you've probably looked around the site a bit and seen what's here. You can improve already existing pages, or create you own. For an in-depth explanation of editing, go here.

Creating new pages

You may notice that there's no Start new page link or button anywhere. This is not a bug but a feature. One of the important ideas in Wiki sites is that every page should be linked from somewhere. So you should first find the page where the new link fits best, and then create a new link to that page, like this: [[My new page|this is my new page]] (the page will then be named "My new page" with "this is my new page" being the hotlink to the page. After you save the changes, you can click on the new link (it will appear in red) and create the page by adding content into the text box.

If you can't find a good place to start your page from, you can always use your User page (if you are logged-in).

Registering as a user

If you'd like to contribute to WikiLou (and everyone's encouraged!), please consider registering as a new user. It's easy, free, you don't even have to provide your email address if you don't want to, and it has some great benefits:

  • You get your own user page
  • You can keep track of all your changes
  • You can watch pages you're interested in for changes
  • You can set lots of personal preferences, change the way the site looks, and more

You can register by using the login link on the top right.

I still have questions!

This site is constantly becoming bigger and better, and so will the documentation and help files to go with it. If you still find them lacking, just post your question! You can click here, and add your question right to the top of the page. Someone will answer it pretty quickly. If your question is more urgent, you can e-mail the creator of WikiLou here.

Problems? Bugs?

If you're having problems or found what you think is a bug in WikiLou, please either mention it in the WikiLou Lounge or email "webmaster at".

Good luck, and we hope you enjoy WikiLou!

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