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This article is less of a "How To" for editing WikiLou, and more about the norms that the WikiLou community will follow. Please discuss these points by clicking the "discussion" tab above, and adding your comments to the talk page there.


When to Use

Links to other articles on WikiLou should be included in all articles. However, you should use discretion when adding lots of links. For example, St. Louis does not have to be linked every time it is mentioned in an article. Link to it maybe once at the top, and once at the bottom of the page. If it is a really short article, you might only link to it once.

InterWiki Links

For things that are mentioned in WikiLou articles, but might not have any direct correlation to St. Louis, we use InterWiki Links. For example, if you write a news article about the Governor of Hawaii coming to visit St. Louis, people might want to read more about him/her, but the Governor of Hawaii is not going to have a page on WikiLou, so we should link to their Wikipedia article. Sometimes we may use interwiki links to link to an article that might have something to do with St. Louis, but might also be updated more often on Wikipedia. Use your discretion here as well.

Red Links

Red links mean that the page the link is trying to go to has not yet been created. It's okay to have lots of red links in articles! If the link is there, we're one step closer to having that page.


At least one category should always be included on each page. If you are making an article about a park/store/bar or any other place, you should include the category for the town or neighborhood that it is in. If you're making an article about a person, give them a category for the place(s) they live(d). Don't go crazy with categories, but try to include all appropriate ones for the article you're working on.


You can leave you signature on a page by including this text: --~~~~. Signatures are only to be used on Talk pages. Please do not add your signature to article pages, as each page is a collaborative effort and not one person's work.

Show Preview Button

When editing a page, it's a good idea to click the "Show Preview" button before clicking the "Save page" button. The Show Preview button will show you what your changes look like in the article. That way, you don't have to make 8 changes to your edits because they don't look the way you expected. This also helps to keep the Recent Changes page neater.


Tables should use the "WikiLou Table Style", as outlined in Help:Tables. This isn't mandatory per se, but it would be nice to have the same style throughout WikiLou.


The colors for tables, help boxes, secession boxes and the like are faded red (#FADED1) and light blue (#F3F3FF). Just like with the typical WikiLou table style, this isn't mandatory, but try to use them whenever possible to keep WikiLou looking squeaky clean.

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