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NPOV stands for Neutral Point Of View. This is one of the only policies you'll find on WikiLou. When writing anything in the article pages of WikiLou, one should make sure that their contribution complies with a neutral point of view. This means that even if you're making a page for your own business or restaurant, you should make sure that it only includes neutral facts, not statements like "Blah blah is the most efficient business in St. Louis." or "Blah blah serves the most delicious food around."

When making an article, you should be sure that it includes only the facts of its subject. However, if you are to include any opinion, it should be in the form of directly attributed quotes. This should be done in the format: "Joe Schmoe says "Blah blah is a horrible restaurant."" Also, whenever directly quoting anyone, be it a person, newspaper, book, or anything else, it should include a link to the original source (if it available online), or a citation of the original source (if it only available in paper format). Please see Help:Links for more information on how to link to external sites.

Another acceptable form of including criticism(s) in an article is to have a seperate Criticism section. This should outline the facts of the criticism of the article's subject, but be presented in a non-biased way. You can see a fine example of this on Mayor Slay's page here (and this one even includes video - fancy!).

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