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Your user page is your own personal space. It is not subject to the normal rules of NPOV, nor is it subject to really any rules (excpet that it cannot contain pornography, as that is the webhost's rule, not WikiLou's). You can include anything you want. Your contact information, a biography, your favorite restaurants, family recipes, plans for the future. Anything at all.

Possibly the best way to organize your user page information is to make subpages for it all. How you would do this is to add some simple characters to the address bar (where you enter web addresses).


When you go to your user page, you see something like Now, to add a subpage, you would add a / followed by the title of the subpage. So something like would be for User:Michael Peters's photo galleries.

You can do the same for things like your favorite restaurants by making it look like:
The _ acts as a space in the address bar.


You can create subpages for anything you want, but here are some suggestions (please add your ideas to the list too):

Personal Photo Galleries

Now, keep in mind that this isn't MySpace or Facebook or anything. A picture of yourself or maybe two for your User page is fine, but lets not go making WikiLou you personal photo album. There isn't a real concrete policy here, but I think you get the idea. You certainly can keep track of photos you have submitted to articles, or even just photos that are on WikiLou that you like. See User:Michael Peters/Galleries for an example.


Go ahead and share your recipes. Just remember that anything you put on here is public, so don't go spoiling grandma's secrets.


Whether they're about local restaurants, local musicians, landlords, local stores, or anything else feel free to let everyone know what you think.


Angry about something? Get it all out. Come tell the world what you think of politics, traffic, your job, the in-laws, anything. Once again, just remember that the site is public, so don't go saying anything that will get you fired or divorced. The idea in posting things like this would be to get other's feedback because of WikiLou's public nature. So go rant, and see what everyone else thinks.

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