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We can now add video on WikiLou pages! Unfortunately we are limited to video that is on YouTube, as WikiLou's server does not have enough bandwith to support it's own video. So if you want to add video here, please upload it to and then you can embed it onto any WikiLou page.

Once you've got video on YouTube that you want to add to a WikiLou page, simply add this text to the body of your page where you'd like the video to appear:

<youtube v="aYouTubeId" />

Where "aYouTubeId" should be replaced with the id of the video to embed. The ID of the video is in the address bar, right after the "v=". So, if you wanted to add this video of someone riding a bike through Downtown St. Louis, you would add "Bt5orWVWYPI" as the ID.

That's it!

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