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Interstate 70 is one of the oldest interstates in the nation. Construction bids on sections of I70 in St. Charles County were released during the Summer of 1956.

The highway comes from Kansas City through St. Louis on the way to Indianapolis. In St. Louis, it goes through parts of North St. Louis city and by Lambert Saint Louis International Airport before crossing on the Poplar Street Bridge.

It crosses the Missouri River on the Blanchette Memorial Bridge. Originally 4 lanes in St. Charles County, major development took place during the 1970s through 1990s on this section. It led to major widening, and building of a second span of the Blanchette Bridge in the late 1970s.

Between 1998 and 2005, major improvements occurred inside the 270-255 Loop. The problem known as the Bermuda Triangle was corrected, and several bridges and overpasses were replaced.

The section of I-70 in Downtown St. Louis is known as the Depressed Section. This section is only 4 lanes wide, unlike the rest of I-70. This section is occasionally treated as a north-south highway instead of east-west.

After crossing on the Poplar Street Bridge, it joins with Interstate 55 for 20 miles, until the split in Troy. After the split, instead of mile markers starting with 21, the mile markers are consistent with Interstate 270 in Illinois. As a result, I-70 is actually 5 miles longer than what is marked on the mile markers.

List Of Exits Interstate 70

  • St. Charles County
  • EXIT 208 Wentzville Parkway
  • EXIT 209 Route Z, Church St
  • EXITS 210A-B Highways U.S. 40 / U.S. 61 Wentzville, Hannibal, St. Louis, Chesterfield
  • EXIT 212 Highway A
  • EXIT 214 Lake St. Louis Blvd
  • EXIT 216 Bryan Rd
  • EXIT 217 Routes K / M O' Fallon
  • EXIT 219 T.R. Hughes Rd, Belinda Creek Rd
  • EXIT 220 Highway 79 Elsberry, Louisiana, Clarksville
  • EXIT 222 Route C, Mid Rivers Mall Dr
  • EXIT 224 Highway 370 EAST
  • EXIT 225 Cave Springs Rd & Truman Blvd
  • EXIT 227 Zumbehl Rd
  • EXIT 228 Highway 94 First Capitol Dr, Weldon Spring
  • EXIT 229 Business Loop 70, Fifth St
  • EXIT 229A Fifth St, SOUTH
  • EXIT 229B Business Loop 70 NORTH, Fifth St
  • EXIT 229A-B Business Loop 70, Fifth St
  • St. Louis County, Maryland Heights
  • EXITS 231A-B Earth City Expressway
  • EXIT 231A Earth City Expwy SOUTH
  • EXIT 231B Earth City Expwy NORTH
  • EXITS 231A-B Earth City Expressway
  • EXIT 232 Interstate 270 Chicago, Memphis
  • 270 NORTH Chicago<>270 SOUTH Memphis
  • 270 SOUTH Memphis<>270 NORTH Chicago
  • EXIT 232 Interstate 270 Memphis, Chicago
  • EXIT 234 Route 180, St. Charles Rock Rd
  • EXITS 235A-B Route 67, Lindbergh Blvd
  • EXIT 235A 67 SOUTH, Lindbergh Blvd
  • EXIT 235B 67 NORTH, Lindbergh Blvd
  • EXITS 235A-B Route 67, Lindbergh Blvd
  • EXIT 235C Route B, Cypress Rd, Airport, Hunter Rd
  • EXIT 236 Lambert St. Louis Airport
  • EXIT 237 Route 115 EAST, Natural Bridge Rd
  • EXIT 238A Lambert St. Louis Airport
  • EXITS 238C-B Interstate 170
  • EXIT 238B 170 SOUTH, Clayton
  • EXIT 238C 170 NORTH
  • EXITS 238B-C Interstate 170
  • EXIT 239 N. Hanley Rd
  • EXIT 240 Route N, Florissant Rd, University Blvd
  • EXIT 240A N, Florissant Rd, University Blvd<>EXIT 240B 70 WEST, Kansas City, N. Hanley Rd
  • EXITS 240A-B Route N, Florissant Rd, University Blvd, N. Hanley Rd
  • EXIT 241A Bermuda Rd
  • EXIT 241B Route U, Lucas & Hunt Rd
  • EXIT 242 Jennings Station Rd, Goodfellow Blvd
  • EXIT 242A Jennings Sta. Rd SOUTH
  • EXIT 242B Jennings Sta. Rd NORTH
  • EXITS 242A-B Jennings Station Rd
  • City Of St. Louis
  • EXIT 243A Goodfellow Blvd
  • EXIT 243B Riverview Blvd
  • EXIT 243C Bircher Blvd
  • EXIT 244A Union Blvd, Kingshighway
  • EXIT 244A Union Blvd
  • EXIT 244B Kingshighway
  • EXIT 245A Sherve Ave
  • EXIT 245B W. Florissant Ave
  • EXIT 246A O' Fallon Park
  • EXIT 246A Broadway
  • EXIT 246B Adelaide Ave
  • EXIT 247 Grand Blvd
  • EXIT 248A Sailsbury St, Mc Kinley Bridge
  • EXIT 248B Branch St
  • EXIT 248C St. Louis Ave
  • EXIT 249A Tenth St
  • EXIT 249A Madison St
  • EXIT 249C Convention Center, Broadway, Busch Stadium
  • EXIT 249D Broadway
  • EXIT 250A M. L. King Bridge, Illinois, Arch-Riverfront
  • EXIT 250B Downtown, Busch Stadium EXIT ONLY
  • EXIT 251A I-44 WEST & I-55 SOUTH, Tulsa, Memphis / I-55 NORTH I-70, I-64, U.S. 40 EAST, Illinois / EXIT 250B Memorial Drive, Arch-Riverfront / EXIT 250B Downtown, Pine St
  • EXIT 251A I-44 WEST & I-55 SOUTH, Tulsa, Memphis / I-55 NORTH, I-70, I-64, U.S. 40 EAST, Illinois
  • I-70 WEST, Kansas City / EXIT 251B Memorial Dr, Arch-Riverfront, Convention Center EXIT ONLY
  • I-70 WEST Kansas City / EXIT 251C Downtown / EXIT 251C Memorial Drive
  • EXIT 209B I-70 WEST / EXIT 209A Downtown / I-55 NORTH I-64, I-70, U.S. 40 EAST, Illinois EXIT ONLY
  • EXITS 209B-A WEST I-70 / Downtown / I-55 NORTH I-64, I-70 U.S. 40 EAST, Illinois

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