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Logan College of Chiropractic, a private chiropractic college founded in 1935, is located in Chesterfield. The institution offers degrees in Chiropractic, Pre-Chiropractic, Sport Science and Rehabilitation. The university's current president is Dr. George A. Goodman, D.C., F.I.C.C. Dr. Goodman was appointed President of Logan in 1993.


Logan College of Chiropractic (known at its founding as Logan Basic College of Chiropractic) was named for its founder and first president, Hugh B. Logan, D.C. Logan College enrolled its first class of seven men and women on the first of September 1935. The college was housed in a converted residence at 4490 Lindell Boulevard in St. Louis. The college eventually moved to a 17-acre (68,800 m²) estate in the suburb of St. Louis called Normandy. In the summer of 1973, Logan College moved to its present location, formerly a Maryknoll Seminary. The campus is on a 112-acre (0.45 km²) wooded hilltop in Chesterfield.


In June 1978, Logan College received accreditation from the Council on Chiropractic Education (C.C.E.). In 1987, the North Central Association granted Logan College accreditation of the academic program. Logan has received continuous reaccreditation from both organizations since receiving accredited status.


Logan offers four degree programs: Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Science in Sport Science and Rehabilitation and Bachelor Science degrees in Human Biology and Life Sciences.

Pre-requisites for entering the DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) program include at least 90 semester hours (135 quarter hours) of undergraduate coursework (approximately three years of collegiate coursework). Specific entrance requirements include 6 semester hours (9 quarter hours) of Biological Sciences, Inorganic (General) Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics (with appropriate labs). Additional requirements include 6 semester hour (9 quarter hours) of English/Language Skills, 3 semester hours (4.5 quarter hours) of Psychology and 15 semester hours (22.5 quarter hours) of Humanities/Social Sciences. The Doctor of Chiropractic program is 10 trimesters in length (3⅓ years).

Prerequisites for the Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation include a bachelor’s degree and some science requirements. The Master of Science in Sports Science program is offered as a combined degree (M.S./D.C.) and as an independent graduate degree (M.S.). The Master of Science program is 5 trimester in length.


Hugh B. Logan, D.C. 1935–1944
Vinton F. Logan, D.C. 1944–1961
Willam N. Coggins, D.C. 1961–1979
M.T. Morter, Jr., D.C. 1979–1980
Beatrice B. Hagen, D.C. 1980–1992
George A. Goodman, D.C., F.I.C.C. 1992–

Affiliate Colleges

Logan College merged with Carver Chiropractic College in Oklahoma City in 1958 and with Missouri College of Chiropractic in 1964.

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