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The Mississippi River, derived from the old Ojibwe word misi-ziibi meaning 'great river' (gichi-ziibi 'big river' at its headwaters), is the longest river in the United States; the second-longest is the Missouri River, which flows into the Mississippi. Taken together, they form the largest river system in North America. If measured from the head of the Missouri, the length of the Missouri-Mississippi combination is approximately 3,900 miles, making the combination the 4th longest river in the world.

America's greatest river runs right past St. Louis. The "Muddy Mississippi" is actually only muddy south of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. That's because the Missouri River is really to blame for sending all of its "mud" into the Mississippi. North of the confluence, the Mississippi is relatively clear!

The Mississippi flows on the east side of the City of St. Louis, between it and East St. Louis.

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