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Notre Dame High School is a private, all girls Catholic school located in Lemay. It is located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Louis.


Notre Dame was established in 1933 by the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Directed Individualized Learning

Notre Dame is the only school in the country run on a system called "Directed Individualized Learning". Girls have 20 mods in a day each mod is 20 minitues long. Girls are not always in class. They are allowed to study in the libary or seek help in a certain subjects. The girls can go to classrooms with teachers and get indivualized help on their packets.

A Packet is a booklet of information with assignments in in. There is usually one packet for each class, which is usually broken down in to sections. Each girl is allowed to work at her own pace to get the work done. Once she completes her packet she turns it in to the teacher for grading. The student will go back the next day or so to collect the packet to see if they have any corrections. If there are, they must have every item assignment correct (100%) before they are allowed to test and move on to the next packet.

Extracurricular Activities

ND has many sports teams and student groups. They have plays through out the year, and the biggest funraiser of the year is Fall Festival.

Contact Information

320 East Ripa Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63125
Office: (314) 544-1015
Fax: (314) 544-8003

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