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Off Broadway is a small concert venue owned by Steve Pohlman who runs the place and books bands and his wife Kit Kellison who takes care of promo and keeping the sound system up to par. They bought it in April of 2006 when it was primarily a small concert venue that featured acoustic touring and some rock acts. They have replaced the old sound system and claim to have the best venue in town to listen to live music. The place features a full bar, soups, sandwiches with a gluten-free menu and has a wide selection of domestic and imported bottled beers from which to choose.

The most significant change is that Pohlman has focused more on regional and national indie rock acts than his predecessors featured. Not only has he expanded days of doing business from Monday through Saturday instead of just Thursday through Saturday, but is conscientious of promoting the best original local bands by exposing them to the audiences of bigger acts. Recently he has instituted a policy of allowing admittance to eighteen- to twenty-year-olds, in the hope of building a better future live music scene.

All seats in the house face the stage in order to discourage conversation during musical performances. The owners liken the atmosphere to a theatre rather than a bar. That sensibility, and an the emphasis on the quality of the sound is why serious bands are attracted to the venue. Cover bands are rarely booked at Off Broadway.

Contact Information

3509 Lemp Ave.
St. Louis,MO 63118
Phone: 314.773.3363


<googlemap lat="38.590762" lon="-90.219018" zoom="16" width="700"> 38.590342, -90.21934, 3509 Lemp Ave St Louis, MO </googlemap>

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