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Parkway North High School is a secondary school in the Parkway School District located in Creve Coeur. Their mascot is the Viking. Both the building and the 36.41 acres of land it occupies were appraised in 2006 at a combined value of $25,639,200 by St. Louis County.

Building Architecture

The school is notable in its extensive use of open classrooms, insofar that the school was originally constructed without walls separating classrooms. This was a trend in architecture in 1971 when the building was constructed. However, the infeasibility of this design was discovered ten years later, and plaster walls were inserted between classrooms, resulting in an eclectic mix of architectural styling, not to mention the logistical problems with these newly-created rooms receiving proper HVAC ventilation. The new science department contains traditional classrooms with walls, moving the school away from its original architecture.


Parkway North boasts a diverse student body. The surrounding area contains many Jewish and Asian families. In addition, the school buses in African American and minority students from St. Louis City.

Contact Information

12860 Fee Fee Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63146
Phone: 314-415-7600
Fax 314-415-7634


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