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Sally T's was a restaurant/venue located in Old Towne St. Peters. It first opened its doors for business in the summer of 1991, and in 1993, proprietor Sally Thorne decided to give live music a chance. Beginning with an open mic a few days a week, Sally T's grew into one of the St. Louis area's most welcoming venues, known for booking anyone who would play there (although Thorne herself had a special liking for jam bands and hippie rock). It was also the regular host for tapings of local television show Midcoast Mania.

Sally T's quirky decor (giant collages featuring John Lennon and Jerry Garcia, eclectic furniture, foosball table, flamingos everywhere, shelves stacked with hundreds of different beer bottles and loaded with Legos and board games) and healthy, down-home meals made visits there a treat for customers and band members alike. Thorne lived above the restaurant with her family and was known to keep her kitchen open to bands late into the night.

Sally T's closed its doors in September 2006 due to financial issues.