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The Sausage Factory was where crazy people go to make sausages, basically. As worst concert venue in St. Louis, perhaps the world, hosting one show in the downstairs kitchen featuring The Chase scene/Defender in the Space only 15 people came to watch. Sausages were made here. Residents liked the term Sausage Packer. Founders were Aaron Welker, Brett Marren, Drew West, Jake Mcdaniel. Becca Wison moved in and ganked Aaron's room because he could not forgive his co-workers after what they did. They were sorry.


  • People went here to drink and Get Weird
  • They had a pirate flag and a bunch of stupid multi-colored lights
  • The basement smelled like cat piss
  • It was on The Hill
  • Turned trash into indoor/outdoor furniture
  • Neighbors hated them
  • A fixer upper
  • Fire pit
  • Half of Brett Marren's album Kitchen Sink was recorded here in 2007/2008