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Shaw is a neighborhood in St. Louis. It's boundaries are roughly Tower Grove Park on the south, the Missouri Botanical Garden on the west, Highway 44 on the north, and Grand Boulevard on the east.


Originally, the Shaw area was part of the common fields of the village of St. Louis in the 18th century. Then it was called Prairie des Noyers, which is French for "Meadow of the Walnut Trees."

Beginning in the early 1800s, Henry Shaw invested heavily in the area, and the neighborhood now bears his name. Many of the houses in Shaw and surrounding neighborhoods were built in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. The first Imo's Pizza was located at the corner Thurman and Shaw Avenue and still functions as a bakery for the Roma Bakery Company and provides the famous thin crusts for area Imo's restaurants.


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The relative location of the Shaw neighborhood: <googlemap lat="38.612751" lon="-90.248511" zoom="14" width="700" controls="large">38.612751, -90.248511, Shaw, St. Louis, MO, USA</googlemap>

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