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Southampton is a neighborhood in south St. Louis. It's borders are Chippewa Street to the north, Hampton Avenue to the west, Eichelberger Street to the south and Kingshighway Boulevard on the east. It is a quiet neighborhood historically populated by Germanic immigrants. The architecture of the housing stock is generally "Hansel and Gretel", Gingerbread, Neo-Tudor, Brick, Arts & Crafts homes and "Four Square" two story homes featuring gabled roofs each with plant-filled porches, art glass windows and hard-wood floors. Most of the houses were built from the 1920s to late 1930s and are primarily brick.

The neighborhood has seen an influx of new people beginning in the 1990s that continues currently. The area has a low crime rate and has traditionally been home to a large number of fire and police officers since city employees were required to live within the city. The city in 2006 relaxed that requirement, but a large population still lives in the area. Many new owners are middle class and upper middle class as the property values saw large increases after 2003.

Southampton is divided into a few Catholic parishes. St Mary Magdalen Catholic Church is located on Kingshighway in the Northeast. Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church is on Rhodes Avenue and its parish boundaries contain the Southeast portion of the neighborhood. From Wherry and January westward the area is served by St Gabriel the Archangel Church on Nottingham in nearby St. Louis Hills. Within the neighborhood there is also Hope Lutheran on Neosho, Southampton Presbyterian Church on Mackind and Murdoch, and Kingshighway Baptist Church on Kingshighway and Eichelberger.

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