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St. John Vianney High School (a.k.a. St. John Mary Vianney High School, Vianney High School, or Vianney Marianist High School) is a private, all male, Catholic college preparatory high school located in Kirkwood. The school was founded by the Society of Mary (a.k.a. Marianists), a religious order of priests and brothers who continue to run the school. The Marianists also run a number of other St. Louis area high schools including Chaminade College Preparatory School and St. Mary's High School.


  • The school is named after St. John Vianney.
  • Vianney opened in 1960. They have graduated a class of young men every year since that time.
  • In 1999, Vianney received the prestigious award from the federal government's Blue Ribbon Schools Program.
  • Recently, Vianney has undertaken a number of building projects including new classrooms, gymnasium, and a new library.


St. John Vianney High School is a college preparatory high school in the Catholic/Marianist tradition where students are:

  • Educated for formation in faith
  • Provided an integral, quality education
  • Educated in the family spirit
  • Educated for service, justice, and peace
  • Educated for adaptation and change

Class Structure

Vianney uses a block scheduling arrangement, similar to a few other schools in the St. Louis area. Students are enrolled in only four classes each semester, but every class lasts at least 85 minutes and is attended daily. The first class taken each day alternates on a daily basis (A-day, B-day, C-day, D-day).


Vianney sponsors athletic teams in football, soccer, cross country, basketball, swimming, wrestling, baseball, golf, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. There are also club teams for ice hockey, bowling, and outdoor lacrosse. The volleyball, soccer, hockey, baseball and wrestling teams all have a number of state championships in the school's history.

Vianney is a member of the Metro Catholic Conference. The other members of the conference include:

School Mascot

The St. John Vianney High School mascot is the legendary Griffin. They are known, however, as the Golden Griffins. The school colors, black and gold, reflect the colors of the Griffin. The school states that the Griffin represents certain virtues in all of its students.

"The Griffin represents the virtues of our students: strength, faith, fraternity, and justice. These virtues shine forth from hearts and minds formed by a rigorous academic program, an integrated religious curriculum, and a wide range of extracurricular opportunities."
-from the Vianney High School website'

School Fight Song

The St. John Vianney High School fight song is often sung at football and basketball games as well as pep rallies. The lyrics are as follows:

We are the black and gold of Vianney
We are the Golden Griffins of Vianney High
Half-Lion, Half-Eagle so the Griffins can roar
So the Griffins can soar
Above the lightning and thunder
We will win, win, win yea Vianney
Oh hear the din, din, din of our clamor and cheer
We want the world to be told
About the black and the gold
Of old Vianney, Vianney, Vianney HEY!

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