St. Louis-Style Pizza

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A typical St. Louis-style thin crust pizza in its delivery box.
St. Louis-style pizza is usually cut into squares instead of slices.

St. Louis-style pizza is a distinct style of pizza popular in St. Louis and its surrounding areas.

The most notable characteristic of St. Louis-style pizza is the distinctively St. Louisan provel cheese used instead of (or, rarely, in addition to) the mozzarella common to other styles of pizza.

The pizza has a thin, round crust, as opposed to Chicago-style pizza or New York-style pizza. It is far less filling than most pizza types. The crust of a St. Louis pizza is somewhat crisp and cannot be folded easily and is typically cut into three- or four-inch squares instead of the pie-like wedges typical of many pizza styles. Some local restaurants make their pizzas rectangular rather than round. It is often salty and seasoned with more oregano than other pizza types. Despite its thin crust, it can be layered deeply with many different toppings. Sauces tend to have a sweetness to them, some more noticeably than others.

The three largest St. Louis-style Pizza chains are Imo's Pizza, Cecil Whittaker's Pizzeria and Fortel's Pizza Den. Other noted St. Louis Pizzerias are Mike Talayna's, St. Louis Pizza and Wings, Paladora Pizza & Mora, Elicia's, and Tyrone's.