St. Louis County Government

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Executive power of the county is vested in the county executive, which is a full-time salaried position. The current county executive (as of January 2015) is Steve Stenger. The county executive's term is 4 years, and the position is elected by the general population of the county.

Ordinances are passed by a county council. The council is made up of 7 members, each from a separate district within the county. Council member terms are 4 years, beginning on January 1 following the election. The current Chairman of the Council is Pat Dolan.


Elections are held in even-numbered years, with terms for even- and odd-numbered districts staggered.


St. Louis County was the first Missouri County to adopt a home-rule charter under the Missouri constitution, in 1950. The current St. Louis County Charter was adopted by the voters on November 6, 1979.