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The Public Safety Department - City of St. Louis is a municipal government department in the City of St. Louis. The Department of Public Safety is divided into two subordinate departments, six major divisions, two bureaus, a correctional institution and the city jail.The Current Director of Public Safety is Jimmie Edwards . Departments, divisions, and bureaus under the umbrella of the Department of Public Safety are responsible for a wide array of city services, including: building code enforcement; emergency management planning (and execution); fire prevention and suppression; emergency medical services; zoning; permits for residential and commercial construction, business occupancy, and the sale of distribution of alcoholic beverages; law enforcement; correctional facilities; neighborhood safety; and special event planning.

Subordinate Departments

The following are operating departments within the Department of Public Safety:

Subordinate Divisions and Bureaus

Mission Statement

The published mission statement of the Department of Public Safety is: Template:Quotation

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