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The Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis (SLMPD) is responsible for law enforcement and criminal investigations within the city. The SLMPD has array of services, including patrol, mounted patrol, narcotics enforcement, bomb/arson investigations, homicide, child abuse, and others. The current Police Commissioner is Col. John W. Hayden, Jr..

The SLMPD is overseen by the St. Louis Department of Public Safety.


The St. Louis PD has many types of patrols, including:

  • Foot Patrols
  • Vehicular Patrols (both car and van)
  • Mounted Patrol (horseback)
  • Scooter Patrol (on Vespa scooters)
  • Harley-Davidson Police Motorcycles

Departmental History

The Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis was established in 1808, only five years after the establishment of St. Louis. The department was created with only four officers, who received no pay. Able-bodied men age 18+ were required to patrol for four months of the year. This was the only police system for the next 10 years. Refusal to serve on patrol carried a fine of $1.

Lieutenant Colonels

The rank of Lieutenant Colonel is the second-highest rank in the Department, reporting directly to the Police Commissioner. Each Lieutenant Colonel serves as a member of the Senior Command staff and assists the Police Commissioner in managing civilian and commissioned personnel.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence M. O'Toole, Assistant Chief of police
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ronnie Robinson, Commander of the Bureau of Community Affairs
  • Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Leyshock, Commander of the Bureau of Investigation
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Caruso, Commander of the Bureau of Neighborhood Policing
  • Lieutenant Colonel Rochelle Jones, Commander of the Bureau of Professional Standards


The rank of Major is the third-highest rank in the Department, reporting directly to a Lieutenant Colonel. Each Major serves as a member of the Senior Command staff and assists each Lieutenant Colonel in managing civilian and commissioned personnel within their assigned areas.

  • Major Michael Sack , Deputy Commander - Bureau of Professional Standards
  • Major Kenneth Kegel, Deputy Commander - Bureau of Investigation
  • Major Mary J. Warnecke , Commander of Central Patrol
  • Major Daniel Howard, Commander of South Patrol

Line of Duty Deaths

From April 28, 1836, to April 24, 2011, the Officer Down Memorial Page reported that 169 line of duty deaths in the Department; 93 of these were from gunfire, and only 4 of those were accidental. It was also reported by the ODMP that an additional 38 deaths were caused by automobile-related incidents, and 3 by heart attacks.

The most recent officer to die in the line of duty was Norvelle Brown, who was shot to death on the night of August 15, 2007. He was without a partner, which The Department has said is a chronic problem due to lack of officers.[1]


See Complaints Against the St. Louis Police Department for more information.

The Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis has consistently been accused of police brutality and racism. There have been enough complaints that the American Civil Liberties Union has started a program in North St. Louis in which they have distributed video cameras to residents in order to record police encounters. The official word from the Department is denial of the accusations of brutality and racism, and Chief Mokwa's opinion is that the video cameras will have no effect on officers' conduct or professionalism.

Oversight Board

In light of these consistent complaints, a civillian oversight board was proposed and became a hotly contested issue. (Someone talk about what happened here...)

One Officer Patrols

After the the death of Officer Norvelle Brown, who was alone on patrol in his squad car, there have been serious questions raised about officer safety when going solo. The StLPD has stated that 4 out of 5 vehicular patrols are manned by only one officer. [2]


Since 1970, the amount of officers on the StLPD has dropped by 40%. There were 2,200 officers in 1970, and now there are 1,351. As of August 2007, Chief Mokwa has stated plans to hire 80 more officers in the next two years.[3]

Control of SLMPD

People Killed by the SLMPD

An ongoing list, started on 9/14/07. If possible, prior killings will be researched and added.

Name Age/Info Date Killed Reason Source
Johnny L. Johnson 23 9/14/07 reportedly involved in a drug transaction
shot at an officer
Post Dispatch
Kendrick Alexander 18 10/1/07 Shot at unmarked police SUV Post Dispatch

Contact Information

Police Headquarters
1915 Olive Ave
St. Louis, MO 63103-2845
Phone: 314-444-5555
Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM M - F
Call 911 for Emergencies!

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