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Sumner MEGA High School, also known as Charles E. Sumner High School, is a four-year public high school in The Ville, operated as part of the St. Louis Public Schools.

As of the 2005-06 school year, the school had an enrollment of 1,193 students and 77.0 classroom teachers (on an full-time equivalent basis), for a student-teacher ratio of 15.5.[1]

School Mission

The mission of the school states purpose to be responsive to the academic, social, civic, and developmental needs of their students, "including training them to be successful, functioning graduates," so that they can make worthy "contributions to themselves, their families, school and community in today’s global society."[2]


Sumner High, opened in 1875, and was the first high school opened for African-Americans west of the Mississippi.[3][4] The school is named after the well-known abolitionist senator Charles E. Sumner.[5] The high school was established, on Eleventh Street between Poplar and Spruce, in response to demands to provide educational opportunities, following a requirement that school boards support black education with The Radical Constitution of 1865 in Missouri. The school was moved in the 1880s because because parents complained that their children were walking past the gallows on their way to school. Sumner was the only Black public high school in St. Louis until 1927.

Contact Information

4248 Cottage Ave
St. Louis, MO 63113
Phone: 314-371-1048
Fax: 314-531-9852

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