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The Hi-Pointe was a neighborhood bar/music venue located adjacent to the Hi-Pointe Theatre in the Hi-Pointe neighborhood in St. Louis. It had been a brewery or bar since 1912, becoming a music venue in 1990 under the management of Lisa Andris. The first floor served as a neighborhood hangout, with a full bar, booths, games, pool tables, and the Food Hole located in the back; upstairs was the music venue with an elevated stage and another full bar.

After nearly two decades of operation, the Hi-Pointe closed on September 3, 2006, due to a sale of the building.

Fun Facts

  • The Hi-Pointe literally is at the highest point (altitude) in St. Louis! In the 1920s neighboring streets had to be physically lowered which, of course, was a huge undertaking.
  • The Amoco sign across the street (at Clayton and McCausland) really is the biggest in the world and was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records. In the 1970s it was actually made smaller due to billboard laws.
  • The hundreds of creatures that fly around in the light that the sign generates are actually bats.
  • The Hi-Pointe Theatre located right next door is the oldest theatre in Missouri and is the only remaining single-screen theatre.
  • Over 8,000 bands played at the Hi-Pointe.
  • Someone was murdered in the bar in the 1940s, and the bar was purportedly haunted.

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