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Photo taken in Tower Grove Park near the Stone Shelter.

Tower Grove Park is built on land most of which was given as a gift to the City of St. Louis by Henry Shaw in 1868. It is on 289 acres which are adjacent to the Missouri Botanical Garden, another of Shaw’s legacies.

The park features eleven pavilions of picturesque design, dating from the Victorian era, which provide shady rests from which visitors can enjoy the many lovely views. Many events, from picnics to weddings are held in the park throughout the year. During the summer, a number of large festivals are held in the park, including an international-themed festival and PrideFest.

The park features nearly 400 hundred species of trees and bushes. The park is a well-known birdwatching area, due to its use as a stopping place for migrating birds.

Photos of Pavilions


<googlemap lat="38.606352" lon="-90.25516" zoom="15" width="700" controls="large">38.606352, -90.25516, Tower Grove Park, St Louis, MO, USA</googlemap>

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