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Yep, I hearts you MJP. Not too bad for a first page, eh? Annie 14:45, August 15, 2008 (CDT)

Hey, I just tried to add a bunch of informational links to the page on corkball and I guess it thought I was a spammer. How can I keep from having this happen?--Kopper 15:43, June 9, 2008 (CDT)

Well, while I think it's a good idea, I can see how there would be a lot of overlap. And when you think about it, the "overlap" is really what WikiLou is for to begin with... a general guide. I think the easiest way to go about creating sub-guides within WikiLou would be to simple create new categories for each one, but then that would take a lot of time, so I don't know if it is such a good idea right now. I mean, there's still a lot missing from this wiki that needs to be added first, IMHO. I just don't always have a lot of time to work on it (although I am trying to do more lately).--Kopper 15:25, June 9, 2008 (CDT)

The "guides" idea sounds cool! Do you have a reference of this on any other wikis you've seen? --Kopper 13:31, June 9, 2008 (CDT)

Hey man. I haven't stopped by this Wiki in awhile. What's new?

- Christian Amez 15:44, October 29, 2007 (CDT)

  • i think having bands list influences is theoretically a good idea, but in practice it may be a little slow to get off the ground, as i'm doing the bulk of the work at the moment. i've encouraged the bands on my label to update their pages as necessary, but often bands are lazy/forgetful!
  • i have a ton of photos & am sure i could grab some off venue/band websites as needed -- i was hoping to bare-bones a lot of stuff & then go back to add more info, so that's definitely something i'll work on at some point!
  • i don't know much about feeds.


Michael, thanks for taking the initiative to set up WikiLou! Has the potential to be a great community resource. jdmarch March 21, 2007

No problem man! This is the perfect tool for keeping track of musicians and bands in the city. There's so much talent here, that there should be a resource for people.


All I have been able to find so far on categories is how to tag an article with one. Is there a place to find a list of categories already created, and instructions on how to create a category? Thanks. Gavroche 22:05, March 31, 2007 (CDT)

Your explanation makes sense. I suspected the pages were created in the same manner as other pages, but I wasn't sure. Clarifying it in the help pages, and adding a link to the complete list, would probably be helpful. Gavroche 22:28, March 31, 2007 (CDT)

My French is non-existent, though I was able to translate what you wrote at I am, as you guessed, a fan of Victor Hugo. He wrote several works that were published in two-volumes so I can't be of much help there without further information. Gavroche 22:32, March 31, 2007 (CDT)


In addition to community userboxes, how about userboxes for:

  • High Schools
  • Local colleges/universities
  • Cardinals, Blues, Rams, Steamers, Gateway Grizzlies, and River City Rascals (the last two being Fronteir League baseball teams)
  • "I pronounce the name of our state 'Missour-ee'"
  • "I pronounce the name of our state 'Missour-ah'"
  • "I live in the state of Misery"
  • "I wasn't born here. Don't bother asking me what high school I went to."

Gavroche 23:01, March 31, 2007 (CDT)

Sorry, I don't have any experience in actually making them. Though it is one of the things I've had in mind to try to figure out when I had some time. Gavroche 23:25, March 31, 2007 (CDT)
I'm a quick learner. The instructions at Wikipedia are pretty good. I created a Userbox on my namespace this morning: User:Gavroche/CHS and then inserted it on my userpage. Limiting myself to text only I feel comfortable I could create more userboxes easily. I could insert icons others have created, but I'm not good at graphic design. Gavroche 11:45, April 1, 2007 (CDT)
Been very busy lately, been working 6 days a week at work because of mandatory overtime for quite some time. Kimmy78 23:38, April 15, 2007 (CDT)


Thanks! I have a few suggestions for the guidelines page, but I'll put them there. Gavroche 00:50, May 5, 2007 (CDT)


Oh, it works great. Not too complicated on the syntax, you just click the "make a map" link on an edit page. Here one on record stores in st. louis: <googlemap lat="38.649053" lon="-90.303497" type="map" zoom="10" height="275"> 38.656038, -90.305768, Vintage Vinyl 38.591098, -90.34156, Euclid Records </googlemap> well, a start to one. haha. Thanks for installing that extension. They still need to work on it, and I bet future versions will be really freaking awesome.

Thanks for the kind words about TWF. Wikilou has a lot of templates that TWF can learn from. I haven't really sat down and picked their brains yet, and I think I am going to try to learn that from this site.

As for the mood of the site, we should have a discussion about it in the lounge. What is more important to Wikilou users: Capturing St. Louis' attitude or recording encyclopedic facts about the city? Both are noble ventures. I assume people will want some of each. The public should be able to decide what is too silly and what is a good example of st. louis attitude just by deleting things they don't like. But maybe that's just being optimistic. Again, I am so excited this site is here. Is there any kind of Creative Commons or GNU license on the content of this site? Just curious. Tfooq 20:03, June 27, 2007 (CDT)


I moved the page. I'm assuming a name change based on their new website, but it's also possible they are just using both names interchangeably since I've seen it go back and forth over time. So it may make sense to leave the alternate name in as a redirect. Gavroche 23:59, July 18, 2007 (CDT)

spam prevention filter

i was trying to update a link and was prevented. I was intending to update the chain of rocks bridge page to add john weeks site. Kimmy78 21:29, November 7, 2007 (CST)

Me Not Spammer!

I, too, was trying to update my page was prevented. That's kind of extreme, don't you think? I realize spamming is bad, but geeze, this IS a wiki, after all. --Kopper 13:15, December 6, 2007 (CST)

Email Me

Michael, please give me your email address so I don't have to keep using your User talk page. And please go into my personal page on here and approve the last edit I did yesterday that your spam filter prevented. I changed a lot of information on that page and do NOT want to have to try and rewrite it all over again. I believe what set it off was a link to an external site, which is ridiculous. People should be able to include links. Your spam filter is too restrictive. Thanks.--Kopper 10:47, December 7, 2007 (CST)

Amateur Radio

Hello Michael. Well, you started it when you emailed me about the Vess soda article. I will try to get the word out to the St. Louis area ham radio community to get online and flesh out the topic. Regards, Gary KB0H

Gary, I've got an article about amatuer radio clubs. Let the HAMs know. --Bushido Hacks 22:24, January 13, 2008 (CST)

Clayton High School edits

I noticed you removed the Notable Alumni section. Was there an issue with particular items in the list -- I might be able to research/find sources for their accuracy being an alum Gavroche 14:17, July 8, 2008 (CDT)

Yes, this is just one of several pages I 'watch' so I will get an email if you make an edit. Since I am considered notable enough to have a page, I am certain I could create a page for any of the alumni listed. Most of them had links to IMDB pages, or bios on other sites. One of them already did have a page - Rocco Landesman.
I understand the hesitation for alumni from colleges - as there is a good chance they were in St. Louis for only 4 years of their life, and they may never have considred themselves a St. Louisan. However, my assumption is with high school alum, unless I have evidence otherwise, they spent their formative years here. If you ask someone where they're 'from', and they're likely to say 'St. Louis', then if they are otherwise notable, I think they belong. If they had a large impact on St. Louis, or if St. Louis had a large impact on the guide I'd use. Gavroche 14:54, July 8, 2008 (CDT)

Of course I love you! Not too bad for a first page, eh? Annie 14:45, August 15, 2008 (CDT)

Unorthodox Spam idea

It seems one popular robospam lately has been to create that PostComment page. Since nothing links to it, what about blanking it out, and 'protecting' it. That would prevent that particular page from being edited/created in the future and you wouldn't have to keep deleting it. Gavroche 10:55, February 19, 2009 (CST)

I don't think it's a thinking person that's doing it. It's just a computer program looking for any available wiki, and if they come across one where that page is protected, they'll just keep searching for another one. At least, that's my theory. Gavroche 11:36, February 19, 2009 (CST)

Spam, yuck

Hi Michael - was researching wikis that use calendar extension - what did you think about it? Best, Mark

Plus - you should think about a simple spam filter :-)
Also, check out Civic Wikis

Spam blacklist

I added one domain to the list last night (walkypedia), and then in today's spam, I saw it again. I thought , "Well, surely I must not have added this if it's still being put in the articles." But nope, I added it last night. Now it's in in the list twice. I tested it on my page and the spam filter prevented me from saving the page, but why did that not stop the spam? -Lindar 09:03, 28 April 2012 (CDT)

Hrm. I'm not sure. After I copied the mediawiki blacklist into ours I'd gotten worried that ours wasn't working. I did play around in the Sandbox and it blocked my attempts to post things on the blacklist. I hadn't noticed any sites being posted that were blacklisted yet. Next time there is an example one of us finds, lets not delete it so we can figure it out. For science! --Michael Peters 16:12, 28 April 2012 (CDT)

hmmmmmmmmmm - I tried to add one of our clients and it's blocked??? It's www(dot)netelligent(dot)com - and like the others was trying to enter them into the Local Company section - The blurb in our newsletter that's going out next week (I still need to reword a sentence or two better, but give you an idea - and Netelligent is the ONLY one I've had an issue with thus far - sorry it's blurry, I made it too small a file size from the PDF, but you get the idea) http://custapp(dot)marketvolt(dot)com/cv.aspx?cm=300739210&x=64632998&cust=12373808 IPS

Fixed! I just tested it in the Sandbox. Sorry about that. The newsletter looks good! Thanks for taking the time to work on all this. I hope it proves useful for your clients. And of course, if they need any help editing, I will try to walk them through it! --Michael Peters 16:17, 1 June 2012 (CDT)