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Welcome to WikiLou!

You've found WikiLou, a wiki for St. Louis. WikiLou is a collaborative effort to document everything and anything to do with the St. Louis area.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that anyone can edit. Yes, that means you can edit it right now. You can add to this website and make it something great for St. Louis. Check out this page for a more in-depth explanation of wiki.

Why would I want to add to this site?

We already have 2,347 articles, and we're constantly growing because of people like you who add what they know about the St. Louis area. If everyone were to add what they know about St. Louis to this site, it would become the most comprehensive information database about St. Louis that has ever been made. So don't be shy. Take baby steps. If you see something spelled wrong or some horrible grammar, fix it! Once you're comfortable with that, try creating an article.

But how do I edit pages??

Please see The Introduction for a basic overview of editing, and links to more complex editing techniques as well.

I've got tons more questions!

And we've got a ton more answers. Please see The FAQ. If you've still got questions after that, visit the Lounge and post them. Someone will get back to you right quick.

But I want to know about WikiLou itself!

If you're looking for statistical information about this website, here are some links: