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The main purpose of WikiLou is to provide information. The information here can be about anything to do with the St. Louis area. Everyone knows something about the area, and if everyone puts what they know on WikiLou, we will have the most comprehensive collaborative database of knowledge about St. Louis that has ever been compiled. Don't be afraid to make a page for the corner market, your street, even your own house. Nothing is too small to be recorded here.

The Wiki Philosophy

Since anyone can edit this site at anytime, most people are apprehensive about spending much effort on a page that could be vandalized. We call this "WikiWorry". WikiWorry is curable, don't be afraid. If something does get vandalized, it will be fixed (usually within a few minutes) by another editor. Since we're all equal here, the same power given to someone to vandalize a page is also given to you to unvandalize it. The basic idea here is that there are far more good people in the world than there are bad ones, and this is certainly true for the St. Louis area.

Make WikiLou what you want. We all have the power to shape this site into something great for St. Louis.

Areas That Need Work

  • The Neighborhoods of St. Louis need people who really know the details to contribute! Very few of them have pages yet.
  • Stubs - These are articles that have been created, but are very short or could use more research. Please check out the list, and lend your knowledge to the stubs.
  • Wanted Pages is a section of pages that have links to them, but don't yet exist. Please check out the list and consider making a couple.
  • Local Companies - Restaurants, Grocery Stores, and any other kind of business you can think of, we need pages for them.
  • Colleges and Universities - Most of them could use a bit more detail, and should include some part of them from a student perspective. Any students want to talk about their schools?
  • Pages Needing Pictures - Grab your camera and go snap a few shots. Or if you already have some photos from the past, please upload them.


If you need help, see the Introduction. Or check out the links in the help box below.

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