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A collaborative effort to establish policies for WikiLou is taking place. To express your opinion, please click the "discussion" tab on top of this page, and post your thoughts there.

These guidelines will change as WikiLou grows and more people become involved, but they will likely not differ much from the basics outlined below.

Guidelines for Users

  1. No vandalism. There is no need to vandalize anything on WikiLou. If you have an opinion, please express it on the appropriate talk page.
  2. NPOV should be observed on all article pages. Opinions can be expressed on talk pages, or on your personal user page.
  3. As much as possible, your factual contributions should include citations of some sort. A link to another website, a newspaper article, a book, anything. If you just know something from memory, state that.
  4. Directly copying articles or content from other websites is not allowed unless permission to do so is granted by the owner of the website. Often only a link back to the source is required (e.g this is the case with Wikipedia, Wikisource and Wikiquote.) If there isn't a copyright notice on the website making the policy clear, the owner needs to be contacted and asked. This is a community website, we don't want someone suing us.
  5. Images need copyright information. If you took the photo, say that and say whether other people can use it or not. If you found it on another website, the same rules apply as with other content. If the policy isn't clearly stated on the website, contact the owner and ask for permission. More often than not, all they will require is a credit and a link back to the website. If you don't know where it's from, play it safe and don't put it on WikiLou. This is a community website, we don't want someone suing us.
  6. No pornography! It's not our rule, it is the web host's. It is in our hosting contract and can't be changed. If you MUST post naughty pictures (i.e. if you are an artist and take nude photos or something of the like), provide a link, but don't upload them here.

Guidelines for Sysops

  1. No human users should ever be banned infinitely. All people have something positive to contribute. Lets try to show vandals that they can improve the site rather than just ban them. Temporary bans of human users can be considered for repeated vandals.
  2. Vandalbots and spambots should be banned permanently, with extreme prejudice. They should also be reported to
  3. Reversion of any and all vandalism should be done on first sighting.
  4. Remember that no one person should have any more power than anyone else on WikiLou. If you are a sysop, you are a sysop in order to prevent/revert vandalism and spam, not to ban people you don't like. Your sysop privileges will be revoked if this basic wiki idea is not upheld.
  5. Deletion of any articles should only occur after all content from those articles is put elsewhere, and discussion of the deletion has taken place.

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