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WikiLou does not save any information about you or your computer beyond what is outlined below, and those are limited to: your IP address, your e-mail (if you choose to give it), and of course any edits you choose to make.

None of the limited information that is saved will ever be sold or given away for any reason.

Below is an outline of why each item is saved.

IP Addresses

Your IP Address is only logged on the WikiLou server for 2 reasons.

  • When you access WikiLou, your IP is logged simply for keeping track of site statistics. All websites do this, and there is no further information gathered about you or your computer.
  • When you make an edit without being signed in, your IP address is logged in that page's history as the contributor of that edit, just as a user name would be for a logged-in user.


Users may specify an email address in their preference settings, allowing other users to contact them. This is not necessary to reigster a username, to edit WikiLou, or to do anything else here. It is simply a useful tool for communication, if you choose to provide it.

This address will not be revealed to the other users (even when they send you an e-mail) unless you reply to their email, or if it bounces.

Email addresses stored on WikiLou will never be reused or sold for any other purpose.


When you make an edit, your user name or IP Address (see above) is stored in that page's history as the contributor of that edit.

Keep in mind that when you save an edit on this wiki, it is saved forever in WikiLou's history pages (unless that page is deleted by an admin, which is unlikely on WikiLou). Because of this, please do not post anything that you would not want in public view forever.