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Spread the WikiWord

Well, first of all, the absolute best way to support WikiLou is to spread the word. Tell your friends, family, students, teachers, mailman, doctor, and everyone else you run into. Simply getting more people to look at this site will turn into more people contributing their knowledge, and that is the key to making WikiLou a comprehensive source of information for St. Louis.

Develop Projects

The next best way to support WikiLou is to think of projects that you and people you know can work on. The first of these project type things on WikiLou has been the Chicken Aficionados, who have decided to use WikiLou as a place to organize restautant outings, and publically review those places on this site. This type of thinking outside the box, is what will make WikiLou a great place. If you're part of an organization, think of how WikiLou can be useful to your group, and propose that idea to them. Since this site is both viewable and editable by anyone, it is a great place to coordinate and plan, and well as document pretty much anything.