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World Wide Magazine was a public access television show created by Pete Parisi in 1986. The show exposed the underbelly of St. Louis through his odd cast of characters including The Mad Russian, Big Mike, Hung Wei Lo, The Hoosiermooners, The Feeney Brothers, Vince and Marty, Watt Davis, Miss Cathy, and countless others.

The interesting thing is that during his 15 years on the air, Parisi's editing skills, use of music, and sense of humor kept folks watching. The show remains a fine time capsule of that period and an educational tool of sorts to teach people about the area.


"P.E.P." Trailer

This is the trailer for "P.E.P.", an hour long documentary about the life of Pete Parisi, and the making of World Wide Magazine. <youtube v="0TE5C28J1-c" />

Clips from the Show

Mmm, brain sandwiches

<youtube v="aR0lPw0I7WE" />

Stickin' it to McDonalds

<youtube v="d7z7x7Xtwk8" />

Best of Black Jesus

<youtube v="8uZFDYRUizA" />

Black Jesus - Spokesperson

<youtube v="Ct2fXtcGtF8" />

Best of Miss Cathy

<youtube v="PBqI0GAZcdI" />

Dave "The Dumptruck" Perry

<youtube v="2kSZBgtmg9w" />

Father Time

<youtube v="DC9yvJyoJQM" />

Merry X-Mas from Father Time

<youtube v="IVlGmT9mdqo" />

Merry X-mas to Suburban Journals

<youtube v="ETUaA4GsCNI" />

At the Chain of Rocks

<youtube v="Yl8A1dlKBTk" />

"My Lunch with Marty"

<youtube v="SHWyaitCg" />

The Future of America

<youtube v="tUlmcuO7QI" />

Santa Claus is...

<youtube v="GBA31GxGhcc" />

John Ashcroft Doesn't Watch WWM

<youtube v="tzvBRwpnGUw" />


<youtube v="MBYzDrppHIY" />


<youtube v="XzuBfQ3-gfg" />

Women's Survival

<youtube v="JjeZun_9kCE" />


<youtube v="p3e-Ew347a8" />

Marty's Silent Film

<youtube v="ul28VjeBx3Q" />

OJ Simpson

<youtube v="GxjUQMax9SQ" />

Black Expo

<youtube v="1AtLAm2_HwQ" />

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